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Technologies for Sustainability

The goal is to use our capacity to manipulate matter at various scales to create a world without pollutants. Pollutants can be plastics, heavy metals, toxic nanomaterials, flame retardants, volatile organic compounds, and greenhouse gases.

Brain and Machines

The goal is to understand how the brain processes information to generate behavior. Computational methods, specifically machine learning, will be used to model neural and cognitive processes and to embody these models in robots.

RNA Technologies

The goal is to study RNA in order to fundamentally understand biology and so to find druggable pockets in the molecular processes of cells. The ambition of the RNA Technologies Program is to drug the undruggable.

Teaching Science to Computers

The goal is to develop new methods for instilling knowledge about the laws of physics into data-driven algorithms. Our ambition is for computational efficiency, safety, and trust to make the use of AI more democratic and open to all.

Technology for Healthy Living

The goal is to develop low-cost, noninvasive sensing devices to assess, in real time, the health status of a person. The flagship investigates technologies to remotely activate and precisely dispense therapeutics.

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iCub is a research-grade humanoid robot designed to support the development and testing of embodied AI algorithms, making it the perfect companion for robotics laboratories.


SPACEIIT is the IIT hub for interdisciplinary and innovative space technology.

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